Praying, Waiting and Hoping

It is three days before I drive to San Antonio with my family to embark on an amazing journey. I can’t believe the time has come this fast. I remember when I attended an interest meeting for the trip in my first semester at Baylor, and now I am packing for it. As I am writing my first blog I am overcome with gratitude and anticipation. This trip would not be possible without God’s faithfulness and the generosity of all my friends and family. God has continued to amaze me and encourage  me through this entire process and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am humbled to say that I am fully funded for the trip, thanks be to God and everyone who donated, and I continue to ask for your prayers.

As it gets closer to the trip,  I am anticipating all the work that God has done and will do in the hearts of the team and the people we will be interacting with. I have faith that God is up to something and that he will be glorified through the course of the trip. I pray that throughout this trip I will grow closer with God as I rely on him mentally, spiritually, and physically.

For everyone who has donated and prayed, I can’t thank you enough. Your contribution means more than you know. I will really appreciate it if y’all could continually pray for me and the team in the following ways:

-the teams works well together and stays focus on spreading God’s love and his word

-the hearts of the team and the people we will come across will be open and softened


-long lasting impact in the countries we encounter

-that the team leans into eachother and God has we struggle with being homesick, uncomfortable, and nervous of the unknown

I will continue to write blogs throughout the course of the trip and would love if y’all would follow along. Thanks so much, I love you all.

With Christ,

Caylin Barton